KNX Fan coil Controller, 0-10V

KNX Fan coil Controller, 0-10V

Артикул: AFVFT-07/10.1


The fan speed control

●Up to three level fan speed can be controlled and status response.

●Auto. Operation and limitation function

●Forced operation

●Behaviour operation for bus failure and bus recovery

HVAC control

●The 2-pipe system or 4-pipe system can be controlled by 2 state-ON/OFF valve or Continuous PWM valve

●Local or bus to control valve,also response the valve position status

●HVAC mode can be set to standby mode, comfort mode, night mode and protect mode when the valve is controlled via local, and HAVC mode status response

●Local temperature measure via input external PT1000 sensor

●Scene function

Interface output

●The relays can be used as switch output when it is not used to control the fan speed or valve.

●Switch output of special functions: time,logic,scene,force,operation hours counter

●2 channels of 0-10V output can be used for fan or valve control

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